Helping Students Discover Their Local Food Systems IN AMERICA

PROJECT LOCALIZE is an educational program that helps classrooms identify and promote sustainable economic, cultural and social progress in their communities. Students research what happens in a locally-based food system, conduct interviews with food producers, farmers, and key stakeholders at the local level, then turn their findings into information artworks that illustrate what sustainability looks like in their own backyards. This project-based learning experience concludes by showing students how to share their findings with a series of pop up shows and public events that put a name and a face on food in their communities.

Project Localize is a decorated program designed for juniors and seniors in high school. A related version of Project Localize is also offered for younger students upon request and a College level film production Project Localize program is in pilot form in the fall of 2015.

A Spanish language version of Project Localize is also available upon request.


Project Localize Student Artworks


Value-Driven System

Lunch Box Heroes

Ash Free

Honest Marketing

Unconventional Fertilizer

Farm to Table

Steward of the Land

School Garden

Generational Farming

Social Sustainability

Market Makeover

Food (Re)Considered

Snapshots of Sustainability



Four Season Harvest

Holistic Management

Grass Farmer

Slaughterhouse Live

Project Localize Impact

Community outreach, informational artwork creation, knowledge of food systems, positive teamwork, civic engagement, food culture research, and awareness of agricultural practices.

YES, 95.2%
Would you recommend the Project Localize curriculum to other student groups?
YES, 94%
Did you gain knowledge about sustainability?
YES, 79,5%
Did your communication skills improve through Project Localize?
YES, 80,1%
Did your leadership skills improve through Project Localize?
“If I want to make a difference in my food system, I have to show those that represent me that I care and want to see change.”
Student New York
“It is such a fulfilling feeling to share the stories of people, like the farmers and producers I meet, who love their work. With the help of Project Localize, I feel as if the time and effort put into the artwork was worth it after knowing that their stories will be heard nationwide.”
Student New York
“It helped me understand and appreciate the hard work people put in to making the economy and environment better to live in. It is so important to know where your food comes and think this project will help communities realize that there are people and places working hard to make a difference, I think this project was very eye opening.”
Student Ohio
“I found a profound interest in sustainable agriculture and how it all works. I have a feeling that I might be taking an environmental studies-type class in college for sure.”
Student Ohio
“This project made me want to start a garden near my house and try to educate myself on what is happening in the World.”
Student Hawaii

“It’s important for the next generation to know what methods are used to produce their food.”

Elena – 12th grade


Use the “TEACHERS ACCESS AREA” button below to find downloadable links for documents to help guide you through the program. (Password Protected. To request the password to the Lexicon’s materials please contact us.)


“We deserve to know where our food comes from”

Will – 11th grade

Helping Students Discover Their Local Food Systems IN MEXICO

There is a robust program available in Mexico with a deeper focus on sustainable systems and capacity building  specifically in Guadalajara, Oaxaca and Sierra Gorda.

To learn  more about Proyecto Localiza

Proyecto Localiza - En Español


The winners were chosen by our panel of esteemed judges.

Winners from the Project Localize Awards are invited to join the Lexicon of Sustainability in Washington, D.C. to present their work on Capitol Hill.

Best New Lexicon Term

Best Storytelling

Most Artistic

Most Informative Artwork

Most Innovative in Education

Outstanding Project Localize Class


“We should help family farms by shopping at our local farmer’s market: it’s healthier for us and helps our environment!”

Tessa – 12th grade