“Douglas Gayeton’s work has captured that magical moment when powerful ideas are transformed into a national movement led by visionary people with highly personal solutions for living more locally and sustainably. Bravo!”

Hunter Lovins
President, Natural Capitalism Solutions, Professor of Sustainable Management Bard MBA


And they come from everywhere

THE LEXICON OF SUSTAINABILITY™ is based on a simple premise: people will live more sustainably if they understand the most basic terms and principles that will define the next economy.


Who Needs a Lexicon Of Sustainability?

People like you. Consumers need information to make smart choices about the food they eat and feed their families.
Teachers and students. Our schools lack the proper tools for field-based learning.
Farmers. Our most important land stewards are focused on new market development in order to solve economic and environmental problems.
Communities. From farmers markets to faith groups, communities recognize that building a healthy local food system creates a healthy community.
Policymakers. In order to know what interests their constituency most, first everyone must speak the same language.
Business. The best way to gain a competitive edge is to integrate sustainable practices into every part of a company’s ecosystem. Let’s start with food!

And it begins… with words.


You’ll never learn as much in such an enjoyable info-experience as with Gayeton’s artistry.  He’s a master …

Joel Salatin
Polyface Farms

what we do

A multi-platform approach to sustainability

WEEKLY TALKING POINTS to change our food system


The LEXICON OF SUSTAINABILITY™ will gather a dynamic collection of 200+ environmentalists, consumer advocacy groups, educational organizations, thought leaders, media outlets, food producers and food policy advocates to create THE FOOD LIST, a weekly cross-media messaging campaign that will unite our Food Movement by providing the vital tools and information needed to help fix our food system.

Sustainable Terms in


The LEXICON OF SUSTAINABILITY™ has asked 200+ leaders in food and farming from across the USA to contribute their valued experiences to our rapidly growing lexicon. By illuminating the vocabulary of sustainable agriculture, and with it the conversation about America’s rapidly evolving food culture, their insights ​​help

educate, engage and activate people to pay closer attention to how they eat, what they buy, and where their responsibility begins for creating a healthier, safer food system in America.
Check out our list of SELECTED THOUGHT LEADERS.

BackYard Pollinators




Edible Schoolyard




Explore More Terms

“We badly need ways to communicate the urgency of the greatest crisis humans have yet encountered. Climate change happens just slowly enough that it can slip by our defenses, unless we are able to harness–as this project so powerfully does–the depth of human creativity to slam the message home.”

Bill McKibben
co-founder of 350.org and author of The End of Nature

The New Face of Food and Farming in America



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“Douglas Gayeton’s short films are a powerful and unique look at some of the most urgent issues facing humanity and the planet. They show how the food choices we make are shaping our communities and the environment, while telling the stories of everyday heroes changing our food system.”

Lilia Smelkova
Food Day

A Short Film Series for PBS


KYF_DVD_Mockup_singleFilmmakers Douglas Gayeton and Laura Howard-Gayeton have turned their pioneering method of mixing hand-written text with photo collage into KNOW YOUR FOOD, a stunning collection of short films for PBS that introduce viewers to the terms and principles that enable them to be more responsible, sustainable-minded consumers. The films mix information artworks and animation by Pier Giorgio Provenzano with live action interviews with food producers from across the country. The Lexicon of Sustainability™ shorts are a RUMPLEFARM production, funded and presented by ITVS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, with residual funding through a crowdsourced platform.

“Know Your Food” is now available in a 2 DVD SET, with extra features like discussion guides and slideshow of over 100 information artworks! ORDER YOUR DVD NOW.

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Words have power and power drives change. The Lexicon of Sustainability is demystifying complicated terminology to drive meaningful conversation, celebrate food and farming, and bridge communities.

Richard McCarthy
Slow Food USA

Helping Students Discover Their Local Food Systems


The Lexicon of Sustainability’s PROJECT LOCALIZE food literacy initiative shows teachers and students how to identify and promote sustainable economic, cultural and social progress in their communities. LOCALIZE: AMES, IOWA was led by one motivated teacher and his 11th grade class. The students mapped their local food system, interviewed producers, farmers, processors and key stakeholders at the local level, then created artworks illustrating what sustainability looks like in Iowa. The pilot program has expanded in 2014 to include 25 schools from across the USA. Nominate a school or teacher in your areas today.

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Bring Sustainable Insights To Your Community


2014 summer shows… ice cream. Thank you Laloo’s!

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Paint your own information artworks

Street Art

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